How It Works

A Path Towards Systematic Management

Your organization can attain greater accomplishments and achieve greater heights when you are managing your people and operation the RIGHT WAY.

V-CUBE Learning delivers EASY-TO-USE learning system that enhances work productivity.
Have a look at how it briefly works:

The administrator creates an account for each trainer and learner.

The trainer adds learning materials into the course. The content includes but are not limited to the followings:
Document, Video, Audio, Quiz, Assignment, Survey, Forum

The learner accesses to the materials. In cases where participation is compulsory (such as quiz), the learner receives a notification upon his/her completion of activity.

The administrator and trainer track on the learning progress through a detailed project.

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Plus Points You Must Know

  1. Virtual Presence
  2. Learners can log in to V-CUBE Learning to acquire uploaded materials without meeting the trainer in person.

  3. Real-time Tracking
  4. Trainer can be updated on the progress of every learner through the status appears in the system.

  5. Duration Flexibility
  6. Learners can take their time to understand the learning material at a pace they are comfortable with.

  7. Information Updates
  8. Limitless learning materials can be updated for learners to be equipped with the up-to-minute information.

  9. Self-Learning
  10. Trainer can post tutorials or e-learning modules to assist learners, guiding them to clear their doubts the DIY method.

  11. Security Support
  12. Each document uploaded/submitted in V-CUBE Learning is only accessible by the authorised recipient(s).

  13. Synchronised Platform
  14. V-CUBE Meeting and V-CUBE Seminar provide channels for easy communication between trainer and learners, elevating the standard of e-learning.


Turn Wiser In Management With V-CUBE Learning