Go Big, Go Global, Sans the Hassle

Imagine holding interactive lectures and seminars with no concern for venue. Now imagine synchronizing documents to be simultaneously distributed to up to 10,000 receiving points. That’s V-CUBE Seminar in a nutshell.

A video communication system that is essentially a web seminar software that enables online seminars, or webinars, to be held by presenters and attended by participants with ease, V-CUBE Seminar is the go-to webinar training software for many. Because with V-CUBE Seminar, they can now easily hold or provide:

  • Lectures and IR seminars
  • Distant learning
  • Seminars for resellers
  • Online events
  • Online sales
  • Market research
  • Staff training

Features of web seminar software

  • Connects up to 10,000 endpoints.
  • Video communication system with all-in-one interface for easy navigation
  • Screen-sharing and indication
  • Check audience status
  • Recorded live seminars for later viewing on demand
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • File-sharing, screen-sharing, questionnaire, polling and text chat
  • Flexible layout
  • Banner for advertising
  • Mobile devices supported

How our video communication system works


  • Drastically reduce cost and logistical hassle
  • Efficient method of learning
  • Generation of additional revenue
  • Easy access from virtually anywhere via computers, smartphones and/or tablets
  • No traveling required
  • No software installation required