Support with a Human Touch

There is nothing more precious to a business than its customers. Give them your best support or enhance business negotiations with full visuals made possible through our 1-on-1 web-based virtual desk service.

Ideal for:-

  • Online customer support
  • Initial approach
  • Online interviews (recruitment, assessment, etc.)
  • Customer follow-up
  • Consultation
  • Operator/directory/hotline services

With V-CUBE Sales & Support, you can now rise above the limits of phone communication and hold face-to-face conversations with customers without having to travel!



  • Shared and personal whiteboards
  • Desktop sharing
  • Synced interfaces
  • Banner advertising
  • Mobile devices supported


  • Higher rated customer service
  • Save travel time and cost
  • Higher level of understanding (via facial expressions)
  • Higher percentage of successful sales pitches
  • Improved business image
  • Higher retention of customers