Engage with Zero Fuss

Looking for a video conferencing tool? Why not try high-quality web conferencing (or web meeting as it is also known) instead? V-CUBE Meeting enables smooth online meetings with various parties located in places near and far. Send invites to people and have them easily join with just a simple click of a URL.

Paired with V-CUBE Box, it also makes for a very effective and high-quality video conferencing solution.

If you check any of the below, this is the web conferencing solution for you:

  • Virtual communication between branch offices/locations (domestic or international)
  • Business negotiations with prospects and clients
  • Periodic meetings with partners and affiliates
  • Sales presentations to potential clients
  • Interactive training sessions


  • Connection of up to 100 endpoints
  • All-in-one interface for easy navigation
  • Screen-sharing and indication
  • Auto calibration of image and sound based on connection quality
  • Interoperable with video and teleconferencing*
  • Mobile devices supported
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Stable network environment (via Global Link**)
  • HD supported (H.264 encoding, 720p image quality)

* This option enables video and audio streaming between V-CUBE Meeting and the Polycom HDX series. Supports both H.323 and SIP protocols.

**An option that comes with V-CUBE Meeting offering stable network environment via a dedicated international line.

How our video conferencing tool works


  • Save tremendously on travel time and expenses
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Smooth meetings with little to no disruptions
  • Easy access to anyone and everyone
  • Paperless