“‌The more seeable, the more we see.‌‌”

Business and learning are born out of communication. That is why meetings are essential for business and learning. Because when we meet, we are able to convey things that can neither be conveyed via phone calls nor erased from letters and e-mails. We know this from experience.

However, meetings are no longer bound to a specific radius. Distances may now take a day or more to reach even by planes, trains and automobiles. No amount of time in the world will ever be enough. Finding a way around all this is why we are here.

V-cube introduces a new dynamic to web conferencing with the latest technology, allowing the illusion of proximity. Our goal is not to simply offer a tool that makes web conferencing more convenient. We aim to enable users to visualize communication beyond the limitations of phone calls, letters and emails.

When we are able to “see” communication, we would be able to see the nuances that enable us to understand the underlying message beyond what words can convey. Bonds forged with coworkers and customers are strengthened and enriched without requiring personal meetings. As such, cost for such purposes are reduced.

Therefore, our goal is to help users visualize information, cost and people more effectively. Through visible communication, V-cube aims to revolutionize the communication styles of businesses and learning environments not only in Japan, but all over the world.